A new comic about an old story.


IA IA IA is the story of a duck journeying to a new world. It is also the story of two rabbit knights, one very big dragon, a government cover-up, robots, Matryoshka dolls, a village of Komodo dragons, the production of leather, and a thieving magpie (no relation).

IA IA IA is a story about the end of the world.


"I cannot understand what the duck is saying."

"Undoubtedly, IA IA IA is...[a] comic...."

"Characters talk to each other, and it is unclear what the purpose is."


IA IA IA can be read for free on this very website. When finished, it will be available for purchase in print and digital formats.


My previous work, Black Magic Blues, can be read here. It can also be found on Itch.

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